Group Booking

Arranging a group booking, however large or small, can be challenging but we can make it easier for you. Even though we already offer discounts for a group booking, check for promotions that you may also avail for new group bookings.

Travel is all about creating fun memories with others you care about. One of the best ways to do that is to travel together on your trip as a group.

Whether you’re a clique of friends preparing for a trip, a team of colleagues going for business pruposes, or a group of relatives seeking to connect, we can cater for your group travel with :

  1. Highly competitive ticket prices;
  2. Very flexible conditions of travel;
  3. Pre-booking of seats for a minimum partial payment;
  4. More time to finalise the list of group members;
  5. Possible reduced fares on more seats. 

To benefit from these special prices and qualify as a group you will need to be a minimum of 10 passengers flying on the same flight to the same destination. 

For an offer with a complete list of benefits please send us your query completing the Group Request Form or email .