Check-in & Security

There´s nothing more important to us than your safety.

The guidelines for security check may depend and vary on your itinerary – which countries you´re visiting or traveling through – because not all countries have the same requirements.

When travelling from Mitiga and all other airports you will be required to go through Passenger Security Screening and Security Check.

This Security Check is related to what you are allowed to take with you on board the aircraft. Both your carry-on luggage and check-in baggage will be checked by means of detection equipment and may also be subject to a hand search.

This is to ensure that you are not carrying any potentially dangerous substances or items that could pose a risk to the passengers and crew or to the security and safety of the aircraft.

Passengers are advised to carry just ONE piece of hand luggage. Sharp objects should be removed from carry-on luggage and placed in checked-in luggage.

For more information on items that are not permitted in your hand/cabin baggage and checked in baggage, please refer our baggage policy detailed in the “Baggage section”.